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Bird of prey

Posted in Photography by sanchovi on 07/01/2010

This is my mate shain. He’s a great bloke I’ve known for over a decade but had lost contact after I moved away from where we grew up . We have recently made contact again and we both discovered we were quite keen on photography. You can view his Flickr account HERE.

As you can see, most of his photos are of birds. I think they’re great but didn’t fully appreciate them until I tried shooting birds myself. Damn it’s hard! Other than keeping up with the quick little buggers, you have to have a nice depth of field and hold them in frame AND in focus. Then after you get home you have to find out what type of bird you have a photo of.
My hat goes off to you mate. You take some great photos. You’ve also taught me a heap about photography without even knowing.

Here’s my atempt at bird photography. I picked a species that was easy to identify and easy to track. It’s a kookaburra that was in my dad’s backyard in Queensland.

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