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The world needs more tiny fish

Posted in Photography by sanchovi on 25/12/2009

I hate this place.
Stupid kids everywhere.
Russsem frussssem.
Damn wife makes me waste money on seeing fish.
I can see fish at the market.
Russsemmm frussssemmmm.
You can’t even drink here.
Now I gotta put my feet in this Stupid tank of stupid fish.
Nibble my dead skin will ya?
Now my good jeans are wet. GREAT!
This is the worst…
Actually the water is kind of relaxing.
It kind of tickles a bit but not so much it’s annoying.
It’s not so bad actually.
Come to think of it…


Manila Ocean Park

Posted in Photography by sanchovi on 23/12/2009

I love doing touristy stuff. So I jumped art the chance when my uncle asked if I wanted to come to Manila Ocean Park
with his family. More photos from my Manila holiday can be found here.
The opening exhibit at the park is an open air jungle theme display. It housed the most enormous fresh water fish I’ve
ever seen! A short walk up some stairs lead you to a crocodile pit! In my experience,crocodiles aren’t that spectacular
to look at once you’ve seen one. These were just chillin’ around a pond. I waited 5 minutes for a whiney kid to fall in
and up the excitement levels. No such luck.

I tried SO hard to make this Puffer Fish puff up. I insulted it’s mother, I said it looked fat, I flipped it the bird and it
gave me nothing. Instead it swam around so fast that I could only get out of focus shots of it. You win this round puffy!

Unlike these fish which were really easy to photograph. They didn’t move! They just hovered motionless in the one
spot. It was kind of creepy.

Shark eggs.

Check out the little fella’s light up shoes.

This guy decides to pick up a shark and walk around the tank with it.

Then I let some fish eat dead skin off my feet. Apparently it’s the latest craze. I saw it being done in massage parlors
when I was in Bangkok and thought it was kind of silly. I was right but it was also kind of cool.

It’s a pretty amazing place for such a poor country. It’s a great way to not breath pollution for about an hour.
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