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Inner city cage

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Shot with Pentax K1000 – Quezon City, Philippines 2009


White Beach tourist

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White Beach

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What do you call a beach that has white sand? White Beach of course!
We set sail for White Beach on a type ferry that doesn’t really have a great track record for staying afloat.

The sea was a little rough and one old lady started throwing up before we had even left the dock. My cousin swore by the chewing gum technique for not getting sea sick.

After over an hour, we started to see some pretty nice looking islands. The weather was overcast but the islands beauty still shone through.

After almost 2 hours we finally got to White Beach. There wasn’t a lot to do there and the beach itself wasn’t very big so I climbed this cliff.

The view was pretty sweet.

The thing I found most intriguing was the clouds that covered the mountains were so close to the beach.

After lunch we decided to head back to Batangas. It was looking like rain and the seas were a lot worse than when we arrived.

This guy kept us safe and also kept an eye out for Moby Dick.

The bad thing was, while he was keeping an eye out for Moby some pirates took over the boat.

The good news is they were good pirates. Not quite as gay as Captain Feathersword but they had some good sing-along song such as “tell her about it” by Billy Joel.

One last hit

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The old Manila

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Pimp my ride

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Buildings and blue sky

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Noche buena

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It’s a tradition where you stay up until midnight on Christmas eve and have a feast to celebrate Christmas. I made spaghetti but put hotdogs in it to make it more ‘Filipino’.

Manila Bay sunset

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Seeing a sunset at Manila Bay was on my list of to do things while I was in the Philippines. With only a few days left in Manila I decided to turn off the 24hr NBA channel and take the 3 train trip over to the bay.

The trip started of pretty lousy. It was 4pm on a Friday and the train system here has you packed in like sardines at the best of times. Suddenly the train screeches to a halt and because I was too busy looking out the window, I go flying. Out of every person in Manila, I landed on a guy that looked like he was on holiday from a LA hispanic ghetto, complete with XXL ‘I love LA’ gridiron jersey and shaved head.

When I got to the bay I saw that the sun was about to set and a small crowd had already gathered.

Then it was time to get my snap on.

I thought it was all over. Then the glowing red egg dropped out from behind the cloud and sunk into the horizon.

With the main show over i decided to flick my settings to ‘sunset’. I’m not sure if I’m a fan.

I finally crossed one thing off my to do list and I’m glad I did it. Even though it was a little cloudy, the sunset did not disappoint.
The ride home was sucked. Peak hour on a Friday sucks anywhere in the world. I couldn’t squeeze into the first 2 trains and had to use force to get into the third. If you were on the LRT last Friday and saw a massive angry guy pushing a crowd of Filipinos into a train, there is a high chance it was me. You should have said hi.


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