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Sun Bird

Posted in Photography by sanchovi on 05/05/2010

Stanley Park Part 2 – The silhouette edition

Posted in Photography by sanchovi on 10/03/2010

The sun was getting low as I reached the top of Stanley Park. A mysterious figure was following me. Later I found out it was just another tourist. I was hoping it was a vampire or a werewolf or something interesting like a vampire raccoon bat.

Big bridges always impress me. This was no exception. Another favourite thing of mine is to see mountains higher than clouds so to get the two together in the one photo was pretty cool.

Before this bridge was built raccoons would of had to swim across to North Van to collect bottles. It’s strange to think of a time before bridges. I like to refer to this period of time as BB (Before Bridges).

Another beautiful thing about Stanley Park is the variety of scenery it holds.

I’m lead to believe that this is where they shot all of Pirates of the Caribbean. They shoot a lot of movies in Canada.

Biking around the park is quite popular. I wish I had a bike. I think a trip to E Hastings is in order.

After 3 hours of walking and chasing squirrels, the sun finally set and the light turned to shit so I met up with some friends to smash burritos at Budgies.

Twilight sailing

Posted in Photography by sanchovi on 18/11/2009

The sun goes down at about 9pm in Melbourne these days so it’s a good opportunity to hit the beach… or go sailing if you’re into that type of thing. It was my first trip out on a sailboat. There wasn’t much wind around so we did more bobbing up and down than sailing but I managed to get some rather nice silhouette shots of the sunset.