The Sanchovi

Surfs up

Posted in Photography by sanchovi on 04/08/2013

On a weekend away to Aireys Inlet, my friend Tommy lent me his L series 100-400mm lens to take some shots of them surfing. Everyone had a gnarly time and here are some of the results. If it’s your first time using the internet, you can click on any of the pictures for a larger version.

Three girls, three horses, a man and his dog, and some footprints in the sand.

Tommy’s dog dug a hole. Isn’t it funny how no matter where you are in the world, if you dig a hole too far you end up in China? I wonder what people in China say when they dig a big hole?


It’s the middle of Winter and it was quite overcast but the lens was a dream to use even though it weighed a tonne! That being said, I could comfortably move to a beach somewhere and take photos of dudes ‘shredding’ all day while using top shelf equipment. I’d just have to build a tripod out of coconuts, lobsters or starfish or something. Be sure to let me know if you hear of any jobs going. I’m always on the lookout for a permanent vacation. YEW!